The stele of hammurabi essay

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The stele of hammurabi essay

The black stone stele containing the Code of Hammurabi was carved from a single, four-ton slab of diorite, a durable but incredibly difficult stone for carving.

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At its top is a two-and-a-half-foot relief carving of a standing Hammurabi receiving the law—symbolized by a measuring rod and tape—from the seated Shamash, the Babylonian god of justice. The rest of the seven-foot-five-inch monument is covered with columns of chiseled cuneiform script.

The stele of hammurabi essay

But the code is also one of the earliest examples of an accused person being considered innocent until proven guilty. The edicts are all written in if-then form. For example, if a man steals an ox, then he must pay back 30 times its value.

The edicts range from family law to professional contracts and administrative law, often outlining different standards of justice for the three classes of Babylonian society—the propertied class, freedmen and slaves.

Penalties for malpractice followed the same scheme: There they uncovered the stele of Hammurabi—broken into three pieces—that had been brought to Susa as spoils of war, likely by the Elamite king Shutruk-Nahhunte in the midth century B.

The stele was packed up and shipped to the Louvre in Paris, and within a year it had been translated and widely publicized as the earliest example of a written legal code—one that predated but bore striking parallels to the laws outlined in the Hebrew Old Testament. Supreme Court building features Hammurabi on the marble carvings of historic lawgivers that lines the south wall of the courtroom.Stele with law code of hammurabi descriptive essay.

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The Stele of Hammurabi stands tall and assertive.

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Hammurabi, the Babylon king expresses justice and laws in this powerful statement. In this sculptures top half, Hammurabi is receiving the code from Shamash, who was known as a god.

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The Code of Hammurabi - The code of Hammurabi was presented in an eight-foot-tall stele made of gleaming black basalt. On the upper part of it shows Hammurabi the Babylonian king standing in the left next to the God of justice, Shamash. Stele of Hammurabi: the Gem of Mesopotamia.

Code of Hammurabi - HISTORY

A huge black Stele covered with mysterious writing reminds us of the glorious power and wisdom of ancient Babylonian civilization lived thousands of centuries ago.

Law Code of Hammurabi; Law Code of Hammurabi. 7 July The background of Hammurabi’s stele and the detail the text portrays about Babylonian society will continue to be extremely interesting and important when looking at ancient Babylon.

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