Spoken language the apprentice essay writer

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Spoken language the apprentice essay writer

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The clip is of a board room where two men and two women are speaking. Sir Alan Sugar is in charge and the other three people, Yasmina, Paula and Ben, are being questioned to see who will be fired.

Sir Alan Sugar is the first person to talk in the clip and so he will be analysed first. Sir Alan is in charge and it is up to him what will happen with the people in the room.

Sir Alan is the only person who is not interrupted when he is talking, except for when Paula is agreeing with him. He interrupts twice but could interrupt whenever he wants as he is in charge. The three other speakers are all battling for one position and so constantly interrupt and overlap as if they do not it could be seen as a sign of weakness, of letting someone be more powerful than them, which they do not want to do as it may likely lead to them getting fired.

Between Sir Alan and the three candidates there is turn-taking, which does not occur often between the three candidates themselves.

They all raise their voices above each other to appear in charge and to make themselves heard.

Paula is the project manager and so she is in a position of power as well, but since one of the three is going to be fired then that title counts for nothing. All three are in trouble and since they are shifting the blame onto each other it would appear that at the moment they do not want to have power as one of them is going to be fired and so whoever is the person who had the most power is the person most likely to be fired.

Yasmina is first seen as backing Ben up even though later she turns against him, showing that even though none of them want the most power in the room, outside they still crave it and are looking for allies.

Sir Alan uses face threatening acts because he is in charge and is trying to intimidate the three other people. In summary power and gender both play an important part in spoken language. Power is shown in the way that people speak to each other and the language they use.

Gender can dictate how people relate to each other, for example how often they interrupt each other. Examiner Comments — Band 2 response The candidate shows some insight and engagement with the material.

There is analysis of how speakers in the clip adapt features of their spoken language to try to achieve their desired outcomes in the situation, supported by some relevant references. However, the shorter length of the response possibly prevents the depth of detail and engagement needed for the top band.

In this transcript we have four people.

Spoken language the apprentice essay writing

Sir Alan, who is the boss and in control of the conversation, and three contestants Ben, Yasmina and Paula, who are all competing against one another in an attempt to win their dream job of working under Sir Alan. Throughout the transcript we see various aspects of power and gender, for example, interruptions, face challenging acts and politeness principles.

To begin with we can look at the amount of interruptions going on. However in this scenario, the amount of interruptions seems to be far less extreme.

Throughout the transcript there are various incidents of Sir Alan interrupting others, for example he interrupts Paula repeatedly at the start: Well you know how to work out redundancy on a calculator… However, in these incidents I think it is hard to say that he is interrupting just because he is male.

Sir Alan is in a position of control which means that he can interrupt, and is asserting his authority. However, the other male in the scenario — Ben — is guilty of interruption very often.

However, when he is interrupted he is shown nowhere near the same amount of respect as is shown to Sir Alan.Spoken language junior apprentice essay writer Spoken language junior apprentice essay writer mla quote in research paper dan brown author biography essay argumentative essay police corruption in america mukalma waqt ki pabandi essay chopin prelude 22 analysis essay heritage language and ethnic identity essay.

People change the way they speak depending on their audience.

spoken language the apprentice essay writer

An example of this would be if a teenager was to speak to another teenager then they are likely to use informal language, if the conversation is between an adult and a teenager then the teenager would alter the way the speak to be better understood by their audience.

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Apprentice Candidate Style Essay Sample How does the spoken language in the clip from “The Apprentice” illustrate issues of power and gender?

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In this essay a clip from “The Apprentice” is going to be analysed to see how power relations influence and also how gender can affect speech. Spoken language junior apprentice essay writing. Pubblicato da a 3 ottobre premier jour du reste de ta vie daho explication essay best sites to buy research papers brink of a dangerous situation essay hva er et essay writer morphologische analyse beispiel essay.

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