Scarlet letter crucible essay prompts

As guilt grows in a persons life it eventually begins to have a deteriorating effect on the individual.

Scarlet letter crucible essay prompts

Miller and Hawthorne use the source of guilt, the actions resulting from it and the eventual consequences to portray the concept of a guilty conscience to the reader. In both The Scarlet Letter and The Crucible the use of relationships between a man and a woman are used as a primary source of guilt.

The men in both cases are experiencing guilt involving mistakes made sexually. Dimmesdale, who is a highly respected priest has a sinful relationship with a married woman, and Proctor, a married man, falls for a young girl and commits adultery.

With Dimmesdale, his guilt stems from the concealment Scarlet letter crucible essay prompts his sin.

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He watches Hester as she confesses and for seven years he agonizes over it, while he still remains innocent in the eyes of all. However with Proctor, he confesses to his wife right away. But I wilted, and like a Christian, I confessed!

With the women in these relationships, their guilt has a less drastic origin. Even though John has committed the ultimate sin against her, she still finds it in her heart to take some of the blame off him and place it on herself. Her sin was already known and the only guilt that she felt was when she looked at her daughter or caught a glimpse of her letter in a mirror.

The sources of guilt in the novels are not all the same, however in all situations, their guilt comes from some sort of sin, whether it be considered a sin in their heart, or in the eyes of others around them.


As guilt exists in the lives of Hester, Dimmesdale, Elizabeth and Proctor, it brings them to respond to it in different ways. His appearance begins to change drastically, he becomes pale and very sickly. He beats himself up inside and it was believed by some that he wore a scarlet letter "imprinted in his flesh" So, not only was he scarred inside, but also outside.

Proctor handled his guilt with a different approach. His actions towards his wife changed, in that he does nothing without looking to please her first. He hopes to gain her forgiveness in order to remove the weight off of his heart. The men in both situations are more dramatic and open with their guilt, however, the women keep it bottled up inside.

Hester does nothing to express her guilt to anyone, and Elizabeth waits until she is about to lose her husband to openly display the guilt that eats her up inside.

The consequences that plague a guilty conscience depend on the severity of the conscience and the type of personality that the character has. In both of the novels, the consequences resulting from guilt are showed best through the two men.

The consequence of the guilt that he was experiencing can be seen in two different lights.

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It eventually brought him to confession in the court, and the tarnishing of his good name. However, his confession was strictly to protect his wife, so his guilt could be seen also as a final reconciliation between Proctor and Elizabeth.

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In this essay. Conflict the crucible essay assignment Fear of what is different lies at the root of conflict Score: Statement of explanation The exploration of this context prompt, fear of what is.

Scarlet letter crucible essay prompts

The Scarlet Letter and The Crucible Essay example Words | 8 Pages Huston 1 Zakary Huston Mr. Montalbano AP English Language and Composition 11 August The Scarlet Crucible Both Arthur Miller’s The Crucible and Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter include instance of settlers of the New England colonies being affected by Puritan law.

Word Count: Scarlet Letter/Crucible Essay The presence of guilt has been felt by all human beings. As guilt grows in a persons life it eventually begins to have a deteriorating effect on the individual. Essay on The Scarlet Letter and the Crucible Comparison Skyler Vincent English Amanda Cuellar April 04, In The Crucible and The Scarlet Letter, they are both known to be a .

The Scarlet Letter; Study Questions; The Scarlet Letter by: Nathaniel Hawthorne Summary. Plot Overview Sample A+ Essay; How To Cite No Fear The Scarlet Letter; Study Questions. 1. Discuss the relationship between the scarlet letter and Hester’s identity.

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