Rockaway pipeline

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Rockaway pipeline

Two months ago, a fire at a Williams plant in Wyoming led to a whole town being evacuated. The drill bit at the job site No Rockaway Pipeline This is hardly an exhaustive list. Stockton also disputed characterizing the New Jersey incident as an explosion and noted that the 13 people who were treated on the scene were not necessarily Rockaway pipeline another news report referred to it as a "flash fire," while the local mayor called it a "minor explosion".

FERC issues Final Environmental Impact Statement on the Rockaway Delivery Lateral and Northeast Connector Projects (Docket Nos. CP and CP) construction and operation of miles of new inch-diameter pipeline onshore and offshore;. I do not support radon gas because of its harmful effects that can affect everyone around or using the gas. Radon is second leading cause of lung cancer, the primary adverse health effect associated with chronic exposure to radon is lung cancer typically bronchogenic, squamous cell carcinoma, small cell carcinoma, adenocarcinoma, large cell carcinoma. Why We Are the Best. When most people think of New York, it's Central Park, Times Square, and the bustle of a million feet moving down this or that famous street.

Activists are concerned that this could mean that consumers will be exposed to elevated levels of the radioactive gas, the leading cause of lung cancer after smoking. And thanks to some clever maneuvering, the leg of the pipeline that runs under the bridge was classified as a distribution pipeline, even though it runs at the same pressure and diameter as the other segments classified as transmission pipeline.

This allowed that leg to be built without any substantial oversight at all, and it was built last summer.

Rockaway pipeline

Photography is banned on the job site No Rockaway Pipeline Work has already begun on the meter station, where the high-pressure gas from the transmission line will be stepped down to a lower pressure for the distribution network in Brooklyn.

Maureen Healy, a member of Coalition Against the Rockaway Pipeline, is worried that even when operating properly, gas vented from the station will affect people visiting Floyd Bennett Field. There, a drill will burrow about 70 feet into the earth before turning sideways, and drilling out, under the Riis Park Pitch and Putt golf course, under the beach and the shallows, before emerging from the sand about a half a mile out.

From there, a barge will lay the pipe on the ocean floor to its connection with the existing Lower New York Bay Extension pipeline two miles offshore. Activists like Healy are worried about what sort of drilling fluids will spew out into the coastal waters when the drill bursts out of the sand off the beach.

Williams Transco is not. The commission has approved every single pipeline proposal companies have ever brought before it, except for the ones the applicants withdrew themselves. But as soon as the draft environmental impact statement came out last October, Williams Transco announced that the pipeline would be built in the summer after all.

The environmental review premised on winter construction? Close enough, no need to revisit it, FERC ruled. Under Mayor Bloomberg, New York City instituted regulations requiring buildings to phase out boilers that burn some of those, fuel oils 4 and 6, in favor of alternatives like natural gas.

Groups like Citizens Against the Rockaway Pipeline contend that building out more fossil-fuel infrastructure is foolish in the face of pending climate disaster. Most of what it carries will be gas that would have come in on other pipes anyway.

As FERC regulators wrote, "We note that a small portion about 15 percent by volume of the natural gas to be provided by the Projects to National Grid is incremental i. The majority about 85 percent by volume is replacement gas, which currently is provided to National Grid via the existing delivery point in Long Beach.

And it turns out that between the fracking and the extraction and all the pipelines, shale gas infrastructure leaks a lot.

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A Cornell study found that as much as 7. The industry is furiously building liquefied natural gas terminals and retrofitting pipelines to allow gas to flow backwards, all so the bounty of the Marcellus Shale can be exported overseas to Asia and Europe, where prices are sometimes double those in the domestic provides accurate and independent information on more than 24, prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines and natural products.

This material is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Data sources include Micromedex® (updated Nov 1st, ), Cerner Multum™ (updated Nov 1st, ), Wolters Kluwer™ (updated Oct. A three-mile natural gas pipeline in Rockaway, Queens, has community groups up in arms, Crain’s reported.

Despite the fact that the pipeline would provide a cheaper and “greener” energy.

Rockaway pipeline

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Jun 19,  · The offshore component is visible from the beach (No Rockaway Pipeline) A year and a half after Hurricane Sandy swept surging seas over the .

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Ten Things You Need to Know About the Rockaway Pipeline – New York Environment Report