Prosa essays poems gottfried benn german library

European medieval art, philosophy and literature were significantly shaped by French culture and its intellectual and literary achievements. This reference work, for the first time in the history of literary studies, provides a comprehensive overview of language elements, poetic forms and genres, motifs, themes and works of the German and Dutch medieval literature between about andwhich were based on influences and models from France. Das Verfasserlexikon stellt in rund alphabetisch geordneten Artikeln die gesamte deutsche Literatur des Mittelalters dar. This affordable paperback edition contains volumes 1—11 of the hardcover edition.

Prosa essays poems gottfried benn german library

Email this page Once before in these pages OctoberI sketched at slightly greater length the career of Gottfried Benn, and in particular how this major twentieth-century German poet has been received or not received in English. Not wanting either to repeat myself or contradict myself, this time I will just offer a few comments on the further group of translations appearing here.

That is the area I will undoubtedly concentrate on in the book I hope eventually to bring out. Obstinacy, wisdom, and solitude are centrifuged into one single quality in the poem; contemporary readers have much to learn from it, and many reasons for which to read it.

My allegiances—the inevitable result, perhaps, of long acquaintance—are divided between prominent poems and obscure, fragmented things that have almost no public existence. The others, though, are more recessive. The part of Brandenburg where Benn was born and grew up was transferred to Polish jurisdiction after ; the finish therefore concerns him rather more than one might suppose.

Everything comes through in an effortlessly and wholly personal timbre, so to speak, a personal typeface.

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His first book of poetry,In Benn’s German, the last line is in fact “und die Mufflons sind k.o.” Hofmann has deftly decided to represent a foreign flourish with a flourish in another foreign language.

—Gottfried Benn Swollen red eyes, their cavities spreading out through the flesh as if under an order not to sleep. Pupils dilated to the point where they seem to transmit rather than receive perceptions, like a knowing gaze of a fish long dead. Johann Peter Hebel (10 May – 22 September ) was a German short story writer, dialectal poet, evangelical theologian and pedagogue, most famous for a collection of Alemannic lyric poems (Allemannische Gedichte) and one of German tales (Schatzkästlein des rheinischen Hausfreundes – Treasure Chest of the Family Friend from the Rhine).

Prosa essays poems gottfried benn german library

(The unpublished German manuscript is in the care of the Princeton University Library, Department of Rare Books and Special Collections.) Mozart: Sein Charakter, sein Werk.

Zürich: Pan-Verlag, Limes-Verlag, Wiesbaden: for the poetry of Gottfried Benn. Phaidon Press, London: for the poetry of Klabund. Atrium Verlag, London: for the poetry of Erich Kastner. Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: Manufactured in the United States of America the best German poems had always stayed surprisingly close to the spoken.

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Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Vincent, C. Paul (Charles Paul), – A historical dictionary of Germany’s Weimar Republic, – / C. Paul Vincent.

p. cm. Includes bibliographical references and index.

Prosa essays poems gottfried benn german library
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