Database watermarking thesis

Ephraim McLean Abstract Safeguarding creative content in a digital form has become increasingly difficult.

Database watermarking thesis

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Nested Object Embedding using Hypergraph Model. In this paper, we introduce to the special domain of image annotation watermarking, based on embedding of hierarchical data related to objects into user-selected areas on an image.

In comparison to earlier methods, the main goal of the work presented here is to provide a specific robustness, specifi In comparison to earlier methods, the main goal of the work presented here is to provide a specific robustness, specifically against cropping, in a way that preserves hierarchical object relations even after retrieval from a partial image, which has been cut from the original pure security aspects are of limited relevance for our application.

We identify two initial categories for such relations, visual-functional and visual-spatial and suggest a novel coding scheme for the first of these. Our prototypical system consists of a new ontology-based interactive editor and a watermarking scheme, which is an extension of previously suggested block-based image watermarking towards the specific requirements for annotation watermarking.

Our initial experiments of the new approach include evaluation of appropriate synchronization patterns and issues of their thresholdbased exhaustive search. Further, we present results from robustness tests, which are based on cropping and lossy JPEG compression.

Show Context Citation Context Zhu, Yan Huang, Xiaobin Ma " Past research on watermarking digital road maps has been focused on deterring common attacks such as adding noise to the whole map so as to destroy the embedded watermarks.

This paper focuses on two less common but increasingly used types of attack: Crop attack crops a fragment of the original map and uses the fragment as a new map. When the new map is much smaller than the original map, it is called massive cropping.

Master Thesis On Watermarking

Merge attack merges maps from various sources together to form a new map. Conventional watermarking techniques fail against these attacks either because they require global information from the whole map or they must add too many local watermarks and affect the usability of the maps.

This paper proposes a novel quad-tree based blind watermarking scheme that partitions the original map according to the quad-tree and plants just one single bit in each sub-region of the map.

Furthermore, the method introduces very little distortion to the original map: Paul map against crop and merge as well as other common attacks, only bits or 53 bytes of watermark is required. The critical drawbacks of frequency domain techniques are the difficul Abstract Polygonal lines constitute a key graphical primitive in 2D vector graphics data.

Thus, the ability to apply a digital watermark to such an entity would enable the watermarking of cartoons, drawings and Geographical Information Systems GIS data in vector graphics format.

This paper builds on and extends an existing algorithm which achieves polygonal line wa-termarking by modifying the Fourier descriptors magnitude in an imperceptible way. Watermarks embedded by this technique can be detected in rotated, translated, scaled or reected polygonal lines. The detection of such watermarks had been previously carried out through a correlator detector.

In this paper, analysis of the statistics of the Fourier descriptors is exploited to devise an optimal blind detector. Furthermore, the problem of water-marking multiple lines as well as other implementation issues are being addressed.

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Experimental results verify the imperceptibility and robustness of the proposed method. Mcclure"A relational database is a database that conforms to relational model theory. The software used in a relational database is called a relational database management system (RDBMS).

Colloquial use of the term "relational database" may refer to the RDBMS software, or the relational database itself. We have proposed two database watermarking schemes that are both reversible and therefore resilient against secondary watermarking attacks.

The first of these database watermarking schemes is semi-blind and requires the bits modified during the insertion algorithm to detect the watermark.


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Thesis Topics on Digital Image Watermarking is the way to build your research knowledge very trendy and innovative. Digital image watermarking is a key domain where researchers and students are focused their knowledge in research. Digital image watermarking is a kind of watermarked where we embedded in a noise signal such as audio, video and image data.

The PowerPoint PPT presentation: "Watermarking Relational Databases" is the property of its rightful owner. Do you have PowerPoint slides to share? If so, share your PPT presentation slides online with Thesis searching is a problem that students face in their final where every document in database and query from user represented by multidimensional vector.

Database watermarking thesis

Dimension of vector depending on terms in database. STUDI DAN IMPLEMENTASI WATERMARKING CITRA DIJITAL DENGAN.

LAMARK - Digital watermarking, Visual search, Content tracking, Automatic keywording